July Alternate Day Fasting Update

July ended up being a throwaway month because I traveled to the US for three weeks and gorged myself endlessly on all the things that I can’t eat back home. In fact, in a matter of a mere three weeks, I managed to gain 4kg, which is a testament to my eating ability and the insanely huge size of American portions! If I had been traveling with my wife, we could have easily split one dish between the two of us, but alas, she wasn’t there, so I had to eat it all by myself! And once I realized that the month was going to be a throwaway, I ate with complete abandon. Any urge I had, I satisfied it. I did things that I would be ashamed to tell my children.

Two weeks in, I took a blood pressure test at my father’s place. He has one of those home units and checks his blood pressure every day. I was shocked to see that it was showing 130/80! I never expected that my blood pressure would rise that quickly based on two weeks of eating poorly!

On the bright side, there was one new revelation. Throughout my life, whenever I have flown, I have always needed to take candy or chew gum or something when taking off and landing in an airplane. Even doing this, frequently I would experience quite a bit of pain in various parts of my head (temples, eyes, teeth) due to the build up of pressure in my head. It would not be uncommon for tears to be streaming down my cheeks when landing, and I would often keep my head very straight and still because the slightest movement would increase the pain dramatically. This time, however, during all three of my flights, I did not once experience any pain or pressure whatsoever, and I didn’t take anything like chew gum or eat candy to help alleviate matters. I’m guessing that alternate day fasting has greatly reduced the inflammation in my sinuses and consequently I no longer experience the pain-triggering build up of pressure in my head. Yet another surprising and unexpected health benefit from alternate day fasting!


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