January Alternate Day Fasting Update

So I have been remiss in doing monthly updates because I took up a new hobby (which ate up a lot of my time), and to be honest, my alternate day fasting the past two months was quite haphazard for the following reasons:

  • Spent 5-days in November staying with family friends during a trip, where I ate myself silly.
  • I was by myself for 2-weeks at the end of the year when my family went abroad, and I used that time to indulge myself foodwise. Copious amounts of chocolate were consumed…
  • Year-end holiday season get-togethers.
  • Am planning to do a 2-week water fast at the beginning of the new year, so I figure it will be okay to put on a bit of weight beforehand.
  • I had already taken my annual health checkup, so I felt like my self-imposed duty to perform alternate day fasting fastidiously (for the sake of science) could be relaxed.

Furthermore, I took a break from my fitness regime the past two months, too, when I got caught up with my new hobby, so that aspect of my health took a dive, too. I have lost much of the muscle mass that I had put on. Truly a case of “use it or lose it”.

So the only good news from all of this is that after being pretty lackadaisical about things for a couple of months, my weight ended up at around 65kg, which used to be my “best” weight before I started alternate day fasting. So, in other words, what used to be my “best” weight was now my “worst” weight for the year, which, in other words, is a definite step in the right direction.

The last two months have proven that I am still only human and that there is more room for improvement with my health and diet. That’s what new years are for, right?

I should be getting my health checkup results later this month, which will help tell if anything changed measurably in my bloodwork, in addition to all the actual benefits I have witnessed. I will put up a post regarding that when I have some time. And I am still planning on doing a 2-week fast sometime relatively soon. Just trying to figure out exactly when would be best.