June Alternate Day Fasting Update

From a weight perspective, nothing changed. It looks like I’ve flatlined at 61kg. Having said that, once again, I did eat generously during my feeding days. Perhaps if I cut down on my food intake, my weight would drop. But presently my goal is still to try and put on muscle, so that’s not the route I’m taking just yet.

My entire life, I have done pushups on a fairly regular basis, so in a sense, pushups are a good barometer of my physical fitness. Historically, I have always managed to whip out 40 pushups, or at least get up to being able to do 40 pushups after exercising for a few weeks. But 40 was usually my max. At 40, my arms would start to burn, and I would stop. Once, as in one day of my life, when I was in really good shape physically, I managed to whip out 70 pushups. But I always considered that a one-off event. They weren’t a pretty 70. Last month, I set a new personal best of 100 consecutive push-ups with good form! This has been a dream of mine since the age of fifteen. It appears that internally something has changed. I still start with my initial 40, but at 40, my arms don’t burn. From there, I can manage to push through all the way until 100. For whatever reason, I no longer feel the burn in my muscle. Given that I’ve been doing pushups for more than 30 years now, I consider this milestone fairly significant and attribute it to the benefits of alternate day fasting. As for pull-ups, I’m now up to 18, also a personal best.

For the past 5-years, my blood pressure has been around 130/85. As far as the doctors are concerned, this is nothing to worry about, but technically it’s pre-hypertension, and given my family’s history of Type II diabetes is an indicator of an increased likelihood of myself becoming diabetic. But during the 5-year span, I was getting this number even when I was in really good shape, so I didn’t really have any good ideas for lowering it. Sure, I could try and lower my salt intake, but in general, my diet is already pretty clean, so I wasn’t about to change my eating habits drastically to lower my blood pressure a few points. Well, last month, I had three opportunities to check my blood pressure on three separate machines, and I was amazed to discover that my blood pressure is now a very consistent 107/73! You can’t ask for a better blood pressure than that. This is definitely attributable to alternate day fasting, which is what the studies have shown.

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