Four Months of Alternate Day Fasting

It’s now been four months since I started alternate day fasting. The results have been nothing short of amazing:

  • Issue with frequent urination resolved after only 3 weeks.
  • Greasy food no longer makes my stomach feel like I ate greasy food an hour later.
  • No matter how spicy the food I eat is, my butthole never burns when the food exits my system.
  • What I believe was a food-related allergy that was causing a red rash around my nose no longer occurs.
  • Increased energy levels. I no longer get sleepy during the day. I no longer need to take naps.
  • 8 kg of fat loss, averaging a steady 2kg per month. Body fat down to 17% from 23%. Good muscle tone retention with continued training. All body weight exercise reps up substantially.

I believe that my entire digestive tract has been rejuvenated during the past four months. I imagine that over the course of the accumulative 60 days of fasting, all the lesions, tears, cuts and abrasions that were present in my digestive tract have been healed naturally. Put another way, any particles that were leaking into my bloodstream, no longer do so. My digestive tract is now as good as it was when I was twenty years old. Furthermore, any inflammation in my body has been reduced.

Total cost of treatment: $0.

The ramifications are immense. A quick search on the Internet will show that these symptoms, or variations of them, are very common amidst the general population. Sensitivity to greasy food and spicy food are often simply attributed to aging. When Western medicine doesn’t have a cure or explanation for a digestive tract issue, it is often explained away as IBS. After my own experience, I now strongly believe that anyone experiencing any of these symptoms or other digestive issues could greatly benefit from trying alternate day fasting.